Repairit – The story


In 2014 we decided to move to Mallorca because of family situation. After being home with our kids for the first time we then decided that we needed something to work with. Since both of us have a background as repair technicians for more than a decade, at both SonyEricsson and Apple the choice what to do was easy. Of course a repair iPhone business in Palma on our own.

The start

In 2015 we started to plan everything and did a proper business plan. And now in 2016 we have launched our premium repair business in Palma.


The core business of is of course to repair iPhone in Palma,  smartphones and tablets. But not only do we repair those models. We also repair MacBook computers. Our brilliant business idea is though that we visit your home/office/yacht  or hotel and repair your device instantly.

One of the most important cornerstones in our business idea is the express repair service. A service we offer free of cost. It is just a natural part of our business. This means that you will never have to wait more than 30 minutes to get a smartphone fixed.
Or 2 h for a tablet.


Not only have we gained success among the English, Scandinavian and German speaking communities here in Mallorca. But also most of the luxurious hotels are recommending our shop to their guests whenever they have a problem with their phones, tablet or computer.

The future

Right now we are established in Palma de Mallorca. However, we are always looking for franchises in Spain who wants to grow with us. We are offering a successful concept that is already up and working, our name and reputation and everything needed to be your own “repair guy” in your own town. Repair iPhone Palma can be started outside of Mallorca also. Mallorcas one and only repair expert for mobile devices

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