Replace glass backside iPhone

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It did not take long since we started to work with the newest iPhone models like 8 and 8 Plus before we understood the enormous amount of work to remove the glass backside in order to have it replaced. Replace glass backside iPhone

After that Apple have made iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, Xr, 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max also with a glass backside. Along the way we had numerous request to repair the backside of the iPhone. And we had to turn them down. Until now. Finally there is a solution to repair the glass backside of the iPhone.

We are not waiting for a new laser machine to remove the glass backside. The laser Maschine is incredible since it is set to every special iPhone model and let you laser remove the glue only where the glue is attached. The we can easily remove the back glass of any iPhone model. And have it replaced by a shiny new glass in any colour you could possible dream of when Replace glass backside iPhone

Different colors
We will have a range of colours to choose from. Pink, Black, White, Silver, Yellow, Blue. And more coming soon.

We will also offer you the choice of having a glass backside with or without Apple logo. The Apple logo glasses are all original and the once without logo are of course replicas. Made by the same factories as Apple use.

Replace glass backside iPhone
You should really replace your glass backside as soon as possible if it brakes. Except for the inconvenience of having a broken shattered iPhone it also can be an entrance for damp or even water to your water resistant phone. So try having it replaced. It is a good advice.

Prices to Replace glass backside iPhone
We will charge a flat rate for replacing your glass backside. It is 129 € only including VAT, Labour, spare part and material. If you live outside of Mallorca where we are. You can have it sent to us with a flat rate of 9.90 € return included. Replace glass backside iPhone

Apple themselves charge you a horrendous 500-600 € to have this part replaced.

Here you can see a video of how we replace your glass backside of your iPhone


Replace glass backside iPhone


Got my iPhone fixed in 10 minutes while drinking a beer. Great guy and great service! Thanks Stefan!

Lorenzo VH Avatar
Lorenzo VH

Stefan is very professional. He fixed my iPhone screen that was totally damaged in less than 5 minutes. He is a pleasure to deal with and is very flexible. I highly recommend his services!

Ana Lui Avatar
Ana Lui

I dropped my iPhone in our holiday at Mallorca and the screen was in pieces... I needed to fix it fast.

It was so easy to agree the time and place to meet, and he fixed my iPhone so fast and its working perfectly now.

Fantastic service!! 5/5

Noora Koivisto Avatar
Noora Koivisto

Great service. Went above and beyond to fix my phone. Such a fair a honest tradesman. CUDNT RECCOMEND ENOUGH. 5star 10/10

Josh Nick Avatar
Josh Nick

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