• We do repair of iPad, iPhone, Smartphones, GARMIN bicycle and running computers  on Mallorca
  • We provide original spare parts for  iPhone, Garmin, Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, Xiaomi, BQ and Sony.
  • We work both with businesses, insurance companies and private persons.
  • We can make backup of the content of your phone. We can also copy and transfer all information to a new phone.
  • We do NOT unlock phones.
  • We do not repair water damaged phones.
  • We do not exchange spare parts that have not been bought through us.
  • We DO NOT replace any glass BACKSIDE on iPhone X, XS, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max or 12.
  • We do not perform any other repairs then the ones stated on our repair service page.

It is our box that we send to customers all over Europe for free. The box is being used to send your device to us for repair. The idea of Repairbox® came up when we understood that there was a great demand for Garmin repairs but few companies really doing it.

And what place would be more natural to take care of your broken Garmin device then Europe number on cycling heaven Mallorca. This is where we repair it. You can even have it repaired here if you come on a training camp.

Repairbox® is our registered trademark.

We are under NO circumstances repairing water damages. The reason is simple. We have been working with phone repairs since 2003. And we have yet never seen a successful water damage repair. So it is not even worth trying. Not even on MacBook repair on Mallorca.

We always strive to work with original spare parts when repairing your electric scooter, bicycle computer, iPhone, iPad, laptop or smartphone. This is to save your warranty so that you could safely claim any warranty problems later on with the manufacturer.

All Repairit.es repair services are backed by a comprehensive, lifetime warranty for the lifetime of the serviced device. Please read more on our conditions page.

We do currently not offer drop in repairs since we work only on site at customers home, office, yacht or hotel.

We are offering all Yachts in Palma bay area and Port Adriano our Repair@home ® service. This service means that we are coming to the Yacht and repairs your device “on site” while you are waiting. This is a very popular service so we urge you to make an appointment to book the service. You can do this on our special form. We will always try to come the very same day to repair your device.

This service is good also if you do not want any information on your computer/iPhone/iPad to leave your work place. Specially for MacBook repair on Mallorca.

Repairit.es offer a Palma de Mallorca Call Out phone repair service.
With our Call Out service we send a repair technician out to you at work or home to repair your device. With this service we already cover most areas of the island of Mallorca and are continuing to grow our coverage.
For the areas where we don’t yet have coverage you can use our Mail In service, where you post your device to us, we fix it same day and send it back to you next day insured delivery.
Book either our Call Out or Mail In service through our website. Go to repairit.es and click ‘Book a Repair’.

For a full list of our current mobile phone & tablet repair prices go to repairit.es and click ‘Book a Repair’. Select your device and you will see the current repair prices that apply to your device.

We operate a No Fix, No Fee policy. If we cannot repair your device, you don’t pay.

All information about business related services can be found on our business page.

We are a independent repair partner for almost all kind of brands. This means that you as a customer can choose to repair your unit with us. And we WILL repair it. If you choose to go to the “normal shop” you will end up buying a replacement unit and all your data will be gone.

With us you never loose any data, phone numbers, SMS or any other information. Everything is there on the phone even after the repair

Many people are asking us about  this.  Is the warranty intact after a  repair. Let us start by saying that your warranty is not valid already when you brake your phone or tablet. So already there have you “consumed” your right to claim a warranty.

If you repair your unit with us at repairit.es we are only using original spare parts and we are always trying our best to make as less impact possible on the unit. For example are we exchanging the bottom screws on the iPhone so that any Apple repair centre would not see that the phone has been opened. This together is making it easy to keep the warranty.

BUT if you are telling Apple that you have broken and repaired your unit they will always try to deny you a warranty repair.

For a Call Out appointment where one of our iTechs comes out to you a typical repair takes about 30mins.

Apple have produced a guide to identify which model of iPad you have.
If you’re not sure which iPad model you have, you can identify it here.

To apply to join our elite team go to our Become an iTech page.

Read what our customers think about our company

Good communication throughout the experience. Very professional man with much experience in his field so it is very reliable, and as a bonus he is very quick! Speaks English so I highly recommend!

Elise Holand Avatar
Elise Holand

Fast, efficient and professional, everything you need! Absolutely the best option you have in Palma .My phone is like new, repairing is always better than buying new

Thessa pan Avatar
Thessa pan

Service was great and fixed a rather disturbingly destroyed phone -
Location was great, but would’ve been nice to know before going to the address on the website- no worries, partly my fault 🙂
Great service- fixed phone and everything working on time on price!!

Thomas T.Jensen Avatar
Thomas T.Jensen

These guys are so great. My phone screen died on me on the day I had to fly out of Palma and Stefan and his team picked up the phone from my hotel and fixed it before hanging it back just in time for my flight. Life savers and also really nice and professional
Thanks guys

Guy Robinson Avatar
Guy Robinson
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