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We can repair virtually any Garmin unit within 24h.


Stefan is very professional. He fixed my iPhone screen that was totally damaged in less than 5 minutes. He is a pleasure to deal with and is very flexible. I highly recommend his services!

Ana Lui Avatar
Ana Lui

Good communication throughout the experience. Very professional man with much experience in his field so it is very reliable, and as a bonus he is very quick! Speaks English so I highly recommend!

Elise Holand Avatar
Elise Holand

Stefan was extremely fast and kind fixing my iPhone, he came to my house and changed the screen in under 10 minutes. Definitely would recommend!

Adrienne Harris Avatar
Adrienne Harris

I didn't know anything like that before. An incredibly brilliant service. My iPhone was repaired at home. At a super affordable price. I would have paid three times as much in the Apple Store. Original spare parts are used. The technician comes home on time and repairs the defect. It couldn't be better. Five***** plus.

Robert Treutel Avatar
Robert Treutel

We only use original spare parts for all Garmin repairs.

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All repairs being made in 24h EUROPE WIDE

Garmin Forerunner and Fenix watch repair. We can replace battery, back casing and LCD on almost all of them.

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    When we first moved to Mallorca we were only riding our bicycles everyday. One day Stefan broke his Garmin and we searched all over Mallorca and later also in Spain. But we could just not find anyone capable of repair Garmin Edge cycle computers. At that time we did not think more about the possibility to start a Garmin repair in Mallorca or Spain.

    Then two years ago we started and as we continued on our bikes we were always trying to promote our repair service. After a while more and more requests came in from other cyclists about repair Garmin. So we started investigating the possibilities to start a Garmin repair center on the island of Mallorca.

    Pretty soon we realized how difficult it would be. Not only were there almost no information about repairing Garmin computers. But also it was almost impossible to find a good source of spare parts necessary for this kind of business. After a while and during a visit to Asia we finally found a couple of companies that could source spare parts for at least the Garmin Edge 520, Edge 820, Edge 1000 and Edge 1030.

    At this moment we are trying our best to find spare parts for the newer Garmin repair models like Edge 530 and Edge 830.

    We can come to you and repair your Garmin Edge all over the Palma de Mallorca area. Or you can come to us in Palma and we will repair Garmin in 20 minutes provided that we have the spare part on stock.

    If you do not live in Mallorca but still want to repair your Garmin then we can offer in cooperation with SEUR and GLS a special pick up all over Spain and we will have your device the net day and if possible repair it directly and send it back to you so that you will not miss recording any training sessions.

    As for now we can offer the following repair Garmin. Battery repair, Screen replacement, back housing replacement including the plastic bottoms, USB connector which is very fragile on all models. We can also repair Garmin Edge only the glass on the Edge 520 to save some money since you do not have to perform a complete lcd replacement on that model.