Start your own repair business

Are you a skilled and technology interested person looking for a fantastic opportunity to start your own business in Spain.

No matter your nationality we are looking for persons in the following areas. 

  • Gran Canaria
  • Malaga, Marbella
  • Tenerife
  • Barcelona

We offer you.

  • Start kit with all necessary tools and all spare parts to get started as repair technician
  • Repair courses (held in Palma de Mallorca) for all models that we currently repair
  • Business cards and leaflets to promote yourself in your area.
  • All clients in your area coming in from our homepage will be directed to you.
  • App for Android or Apple where your repairs will appear.
  • Credit card machine and app to manage payments from your clients.

What we want from you.

  • European citizen with all paper work in order to work in Spain.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish. It is also good if you speak at least one Scandinavian language and/or German.
  • Really technology interested. Have an interest in tearing things apart and repair them.
  • Be really service minded, friendly and have the ability to build long term relationship with clients.
  • A minimum investment of 10.000 euros. (covers tools, spare parts, formation course, clothes, advertising material and to be included in webpage.) Mallorcas one and only repair expert for mobile devices

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