-we repair almost all existing smartphones - MacBook und iPad

If we for some reason can not fix your device, you are not paying anything. The technician will tell you the exact repair price before repairing your unit.


We always use original spare parts in order to maintain your warranty even after a repair.


If your device have multiple damages (for example, display and battery) then you only pay half the price on the second repair.

Our philosophy: Better to repair then to buy new!


You do help the environment in the best way by repairing your phone in stead of just buying a new one. Most damages are repairable.

About Our Service

Our latest explainer video about how easy it is to repair your phone, tablet or computer with us.

We will come to you and fix your phone in about 30 minutes. And then you just pay by credit card, cash or SWISH. Could not be easier. And we believe our prices are the best also.

Welcome to give us a try. We are here for you.

Book a repair in your home, office, yacht

Here you can order a repair. If you book before 12.oo we always strive to come to you the very same day. The repair guy from will bring all necessary tools and spare parts to fix your iPhone, tablet or smartphone directly in 30 minutes.

Once we have performed the repair you can easily pay by credit card, cash or even by invoice.

Remember, no fix no fee!

Great news. We now have mag safe charger cables for iPhone & Android

How many times have you dropped your beautiful iPhone  to the ground just because you walked into the charger cable. Now we have the perfect solution. A nice smooth mag safe cable just like with the MacBook. Magnetic and ultra easy to use.

Buy it now


Palma de Mallorca based company specialised in repairing iPad, iPhone, Smartphone and Macbook

Our businessidea is to repair "express" on site this means usually that we would repair your device in 30 minutes. And you do not even need to come to us. We will come to YOU. We are always using original spare parts.

This has been a successful concept, therefor we have repaired more then 100.000 smartphones and tablets since starting in 2003.

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Passatge Cala Rajada, 2, 07014 Palma, Illes Balears, Spanien

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We have a special service for our customers in Palma de Mallorca. It is called Repair@home®. It is exactly what it sounds like.

We can come to your home, office or yacht and repair any mobile device i.e. Macbook, iPhone, Smartphone or Tablet while you are waiting. It normally takes about 30 minutes for us to repair almost any device.

So if you do not want to leave "home" and still have your phone, computer, tablet repaired, then you should apply for that service. Mallorcas one and only repair expert for mobile devices Mallorcas one and only repair expert for mobile devices

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